Australian Visas

What Australian Visa Suits Your Needs?

If you are not entirely sure that you can succeed with your Australian visa application [chances are you have never done one before] consider contacting us, rather than lose your substantial non-refundable official visa application fees.

There are many different Australian visa subclasses that you can apply under and deciding which Australian visa is right for you will determine things like how long the visa takes to be granted, whether it is permanent, provisional or temporary and what rights you and your family receive with the visa.


We will point you in the right direction below, but be sure to read everything on this page if you are to be certain of applying for the most relevant Australian Visa for your requirements.


DIBP distinguish between Onshore and Offshore  Australian visa subclasses. People applying within Australia may apply under Onshore subclasses, only if their existing visa conditions permit this and many don't.


Most people reading this will be offshore applicants and we will focus on these types of Australian visas.

Select which visa group to apply under:


If you want to apply under the General Skilled Migration visa class, then you can find details of the skills assessment and occupation classification process here.


Health & Character Clearance Procedures

Health Clearance & Medical Examinations


Many visas require the applicant ( & all family members included in the application) to undergo medical examinations, blood tests and chest X-Rays as part of the process.


These are conducted by DIBP appointed medical practitioners and are usually by appointment only.


The completed forms are forwarded to Australia by the appointed practitioner and the contents not disclosed to the applicant. On occasions, the HAS (Health Assessment Services) who undertake the medical assessment on behalf of DIBP, write and ask for further tests, procedures or information. All costs are paid for by the applicant.


In general, medical conditions that are of concern to DIBP are;

  • Chronic Conditions requiring long-term, expensive therapy
  • Serious illnesses, such as cancer, heart disease etc
  • Conditions requiring imminent significant surgery
  • Infectious Diseases


Character Clearance


Police Clearance checks are required for all applicants over 17 years of age in many migrant, family & work subclasses of Australian Visa.


All countries where an applicant has resided for more than 12 months in the last 10 years, as well as from the country of citizenship must be approached for Police clearance certificates.


Generally, all family members over 17 included in an application must supply up to date Police Certificates.


Important: Do not lie or fail to dislose criminal convictions or face visa refusal and a ban on re-applying for up to 5 years.

You want to know if you are eligible for a visa and if so, how long it will take and how much it will cost?


Applying for an Australian Immigration or Work Visa is an exhausting process. Like a tax return, once submitted it can't be retracted. Make sure you don't waste your time & money.


Whether you are seeking apply for an Australian business migration visa, Australian skilled visa or Australian 457 work visa, you will find that it is a challenging process. Call us Monday - Friday, 9-5 and we'll tell you more about how we can help make it easier for you.


We represent expertise and years of experience in different specialist immigration areas. Find out more about which Australian visa to apply for by applying for a free online assessment or a quick telephone call you your nearest office.


DIBP controls the issue of many types of Australian visas for different purposes and it is important to select the correct class of visa at the outset. Whether you seek a permanent or temporary visa, we can help you get it faster and easier. Call Us Today.

Note: Australian Visa applications for temporary Australian visas are usually quicker than Australian visa applications for Australian Permanent Residence visas as a rule. However Australian visas for temporary Australian visas are only a temporary solution as compared to Australian visas for permanent residence as when they expire Australian visas for temporary residence require you usually to leave Australia, whereas Australian visas for permanent residence allow you to remain in Australia on a permanent basis.

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